Video Solution, UK

Digital Film specialists, Thought Juice Films Ltd. was founded in February 2006 with a view to making film production accessible to all people. By providing our skills and time, we can enable you to transform your thoughts into films.

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We offer Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Television Pilots, Short Films, Feature Film Services and Drama - all at competitive Rates.

Music Videos
Send us your track and we can take it from there.
500 - 20,000

Corporate Videos
Simply send us your brief and we'll give you a detailed quote for your production.
15,00 - 30,000

Television Pilots
We will also help to develop the project.
3000 - 100,000

Short Films
2,500 - 10,000

Feature Films Services
From business plans, budgets, scheduling, location scouting, script editing to crewing and production we work with production companies internationally to make films work within the budget.